Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Email Response From Lima's Mayor

First of all, I would like to wish everybody a very (heh-heh) Happy Halloween tonight. I almost missed the deadline to post an entry for the month of October!

More on this in a minute.

But first, I would like to post the email response that I received from David Berger, the Mayor of Lima, Ohio.

And, to be fair, he DID reply to me in a timely fashion.

I just didn't choose to get to post it until today. (Like I said, I will explain why.)

Here, then, is Mayor Berger's response to my email:

Ms. Rader:

I was sorry to learn of your unfortunate accident and its aftermath. I
hope in recent days that you have begun to heal and will continue to
rapidly do so.

I am thankful that you were ultimately able to find assistance from a
passerby. And though I understand your upset with his insistence on
calling an ambulance, it is possible that he found your condition such
that seeking professional medical and transportation help was the
apparent better option. If you were visibly injured and hindered in
your movements, he might have concluded that your injuries were so
severe that he should not attempt the transport.

I have made a note of the sidewalk problem that you identified and will
be relaying that to the city's inspectors.

As you noted, the walk that you mentioned is in front of the Allen
County Health Department and the property owner will be notified of any
required corrections.

Your letter requests assistance with your damaged glasses and medical
bills. Those claims should be directed to the property owner where you
had the accident.

Finally, I want to state that I regret your unfortunate experience in
not finding the assistance that you needed more immediately. That is
not the norm in our community. Most people in Lima and Allen County go
beyond themselves to aid others. I am hopeful that you will find
during the balance of your stay here who are truly friendly and caring

David J. Berger
City of Lima

Actually, they were. Read on...

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