Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finding Love In Lima

I spent the night, sore and tired, at the Samaritan House shelter. The next morning, I discussed my situation with a very nice social worker. She offered to give me the handicapped room with a private bath on the first floor for the remainder of the month.

I had other plans.

After the fiasco on the sidewalk and at the hospital, I left on a mission to give hell to Harry. Instead, I met Tom.

I walked to the Salvation Army first and the man there said that they had no funds left to help me. I took a long look at his brand new pick-up and then sauntered out of the parking lot.

A couple pulled-up in an old van. They had just managed to get a small bag of food from the Salvation Army. They suggested that I go to the United Way office. And they offered me a ride.

I accepted it and am very happy that I did.

After explaining what had happened to a woman at the door, I was escorted into an office. A man with a nice smile greeted me. He was swimming in a sea of papers, books and files.

Almost literally!

I told him that I needed help and he agreed.

So, he took me to lunch at Bob Evans and then contacted a buddy who gave me some traveling money. Then they both put me on a Greyhound bus to Ontario, Oregon.

I left that night.

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