Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Holy Horror!

Renee (who prefers to remain behind the scenes most of the time)is a professional friend indeed to those in need.

She is the sort of person who can produce (like magic!) a motel voucher, a meal, clothing or a bus fare.

And for all of her do-gooding, she hates to be fussed-over.

She's more like: "Leave me out of the hot light and let me do my work!"

She's a farm the bone. A bona-fide hayseed hero who rolls her eyes at the mere mention of her well-earned halo.

She denies that it's there. But I know better.

Renee and I have known each other on one level or another for several years now.

So when she told me that she had a "proposition" for me...I listened. Seriously.

There is a church building that has been sitting more-or-less vacant for a number of years in a town outside of Ontario.

She asked me if I wanted to move in there for the winter.

I accepted her offer.

And I moved in.

And that is where I have been for the past month.

Living...through no fault of Renee's...with something very evil.

There's a bad spirit in that building. No doubt about it!

And it got so bad that I finally left yesterday.

Renee drove me back into Ontario.

I will try to call my new audio-service tonight and fill you in on what happened while I was living at the church.

Hopefully, I will be successful.

If not, I will return to the library tomorrow and tell you all about the boogie man in the church basement.

Until then, enjoy your Halloween night, Campers.

And may you always leave your pumpkins smiling.


Anonymous said...

Don't pay you much mind lately but I couldn't let this one pass. You won't share it with the world so this is just between us. You had a bad time in a building that had once been consecrated as I presume a Christian Church. Go figure.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

And I am enjoying myself in one now. Go figure that, anonymous.

Pass the coffee, will ya?