Monday, November 19, 2007

Mary's Marvelous Message

My friend Grannie Mary left a great comment after reading my recent post "An Unholy Hate." I'm re-printing it here in all of it's well-composed glory:

"I wonder what happened to preaching the word of God (or Jesus) in Christian churches; ya know all about love thy neighbor, judge not lest ye be judged and that kind of stuff. Jesus must be turning over in his grave; pardon the expression, but it seems apt for how non-Christlike Christians have become. Not all of them, of course.

Growing up I learned to put God first, family second and Country at the bottom of the list. Countries (and religion) are man-made and the only flag I wave is a Whole Earth flag. I do love living in the USA; but if I were younger, I might learn a new language to experience democracy somewhere else.

I have always been Pro-peace or anti-war, because of those 10 Commandments I grew up with; but I do have trouble with that turn-the-other-cheek thing where some people are concerned."

You tell'em, Mary!


Anonymous said...

calling ruthie, come in. out
here in san narcos, ca things
are rather hum drum. thanksgiving
was pretty wild for me and my
loved ones. the f.b.i. had to
get involved. paramedics too.
but most of us are still alive.
this is military territory.
blackwater, the paramilitary,
private mercenary army, is setting
up a training camp near here in
portrero, a little mountain
community of 500 in san diego county. the peasants of the community recalled all the city
councilmen who allowed it to happen. last night the final
vote was taken by the county
board of supervisors. it was supposed to be carried on knx 1070
am radio but it was blacked out.
peasants know. here comes army one, taking over, peasants say
hurray, or get shot. here comes
army two driving out army one, peasants say hurray, or get shot.
here comes army three driving out
army one and two, peasants say
hurray, or get shot. generally
speaking peasant revolts are
unsuccessful, but sometimes they
are. do you think the peasants
are happily tilling the land while
feudal land barons flock with their
wives and daughters? i don't.
i think they are madder than
leningen's ants. as the nobility
say, what are you gonna do about
it. don't like it? lump it.
the old bumper sticker, america,
love it or leave it. and the other one, change it or lose it.
we've seen this whole scenario
all before many times. its part
of the peasants genetic code.
the movie, the magnificent seven
was a good one, where hired
gunmen, defend the peasants.
it was a yul brynner, classic.
soon, the blackwater mercenary
soldiers, and private army,
will rapaciously destroy the
town of portrero. all the women
there will be enslaved, and the
peasant men? i don't want to
talk about it. but all in all,
things are looking up, especially
prices. lol. bon appetit.
bon soir. t.c. for jean lafitte

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Happy Holidays, TC. Mwah!