Monday, November 12, 2007

Unholy Hate!

Before I give you my update, I'd like to tell you about what happened to me in church yesterday.

I am now on the western side of Oregon, and I'm staying with a very nice lady at her home near Eugene.

She asked me to go to a church service with her yesterday. I thought that was a fair request.

But I had no idea what a shock I would receive when the so-called "pastor" delivered his "sermon."

This man, dressed in a blue suit with a U.S. flag pinned on the right lapel, just blew me away!

I wish I could say that this is because he offered inspirational words about God's love. And I wish I had walked out of that building with a renewed sense of Christian human kindness.

But Campers, THAT is NOT what happened!

No, this man stood up in front of the congregation and told everyone that all Mormons, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Catholics are going to burn in hell.

I kid you not, Campers, that is exactly what he said.

Yes, that pompous fool declared that every other denomination and religion is wrong and that those who continue to believe otherwise will lose their soul "in the end."

He also emphasized that every Muslim haven of worship in the United States might very well be used to recruit and train terrorists.

I sat there and all but freaking gagged!!!!

Because yesterday was the day before Veterans' Day, the United States and Christian flags were paraded up the aisle. And then everybody put their hand on their heart and recited a pledge of allegiance to both.

Everyone that is, except me.

I stood there with no expression on my face, my hands gripping the pew in front of me and never said a word.

I don't believe that my relationship with the world, my fellow man or my concept of God has to be justified by a flag or a set of words.

I don't condone war. I know that everyone who dies in a battle is a victim. And I am always mindful of the fact that the world doesn't stop at the shores of North America.

After the service, I was treated very badly. I was told to shut up and remember that if I don't change my belief-system, then I'M going to hell.

I don't believe that. Not for a single second.

Over the past fifteen-years as I've hitchhiked around North America, I know that each time I held my thumb out...I've truly held onto the hand of God.

Without any one's permission, I might add.

It's sad to realize that a group of Baptists still embrace a cross, with narrow minds and souls filled with hate.

That's not something that anyone should ever commemorate on Veterans' or any other day.


mary said...

I wonder what happened to preaching the word of god (or Jesus) in Christian churches; ya know all about love thy neighbor, judge not lest ye be judged and that kind of stuff. Jesus must be turning over in his grave; pardon the expression, but it seems apt for how non Christlike Christians have become. Not all of them, of course.

Growing up I learned to put God first, family second and country at the bottom of the list. Countries (and religion) are manmade and the only flag I wave is a whole earth flag. I do love living in the USA; but if I were younger, I might learn a new langauge to experience democracy somewhere else.

I have always been Pro-peace or anti-war, because of those 10 Commandments I grew up with; but I do have trouble with that turn the other cheek thing where some people are concerned.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you for your insightful, albiet tounge-in-cheek comments, Mary.

Good for you! And good for the rest of us if we all adopt your way of thinking.

You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too, Mary.

Mwah, Grannie!