Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Chemical Curse

I posted comments about the performance enhancement situation on January 23 of 2005:

[Spitball Steroids

And speaking of Dan Gladden, the former Minnesota Twin made a serious comment during the Annual Winter Caravan.

On the subject of steroids, Gladden had this to say:

[“The biggest thing is with the new penalties, the players who use them will be exposed and names will come out, unlike what has happened in the past,” Gladden said. “The problem should have been addressed a long time ago.”]

Never let it be said that all ballplayers are phoney.]


Last night I wrote a poem called "The Chemical Curse" and it's obvious that Gladden's words and mine are still relevant three years later.


The final score doesn't matter...
And victory is bittersweet
Cuz Mr. Bigz the batter
Is in the game to cheat

And it doesn't matter...
If he knocks one across the yard
Cuz he's linked to the drugs
Like he's tied to the stats
On his latest baseball card

No, it doesn't matter...
If he rubs in a cream
Or injects corruption into
Some kid's dream

And it doesn't matter...
Where the ball falls down
Cuz he's headed to a morgue
Outside Cooperstown

So step back, Babe Ruth
Cuz Mr. Bigz has changed the play
He's reversed the truth
Blown his youth
And the chemical curse is here to stay.

--Poem by Ruth Rader. All Rights Reserved.

(Click on the post headline above to read about Roger Clemen's interview on CBS "Sixty Minutes."

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