Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ruthie On The Road's Slideshow

I have added a Flickr Photo Badge to my blog. You will find it underneath my profile pic.

Click on it and you will go to my corner of Flickr.

Or, if you would like to see the awesome, high-resolution slideshow of the photos that I've posted so far, then click here:


Yeah, Campers, I consider sorting through over 400 photos to be a real labor of love.

It's a real kick to see the photos and realize what I had to do to get them there: Buy a disposable camera [they were used to take the majority of the shots], carry the camera around in my backpack, zipped in a plastic bag, hitchhike, find a place to stay...and protect the camera from nosy people!

It's becoming a real walk down the memory road for me.

Notes about the photos:

The majority of the photos were taken by me. Some of them were edited [in fact, some were downright experiments!]and otherwise "tweeked" in some artistic fashion. Those particular photos were once stored in Yahoo Photos.

Some of the photos are different sizes and some are quite "grainy." But some are really beautiful or cute and a couple could be considered controversial.

The photos of me were almost all taken by me. Yup. I've become pretty good at doing that!

Only a few of me were taken by someone else.

And you will see me in both red, blond, short, straight, long and curly hair. Ahhh, the many looks of Ruthie! The photos are part of my history between 2003 and 2007.

As I already mentioned, I am adding more photos to the slideshow every day. And I considered waiting until I had them all loaded and organized before posting the link.

But I've watched the slideshow and I think that you might enjoy watching the process unfold.

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gerrymac said...

Loved The Slideshow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Left you a message on Digihitch
then followed the link to your blog
Wow you sure have a lot of pictures
I think I need to start keeping a photo record of my travels.
AKA Gerry McGuiness