Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Picture Of Determination

I trudged up a hill on a lonely stretch of interstate in South Dakota last summer. And I mumbled words of complaint with every step. Then I looked ahead and saw a weed.

There it was, standing proud with leaves open to the late afternoon sun.

And I was struck by the realization that the plant had pushed itself through stones and dirt to live free. Right there. On the shoulder of the road.

I dropped my pack and took a photo of it.

Then, with a renewed sense of purpose, I turned around, faced the oncoming traffic and stuck out my thumb.

And smiled.

I got a ride in five minutes.


alyceclover said...

A story of how it happened that my nephew's wife threw out my journals when she was mad at him. I did not know they were journals as I pasted stuff in those magnetic photo albums.

This reminded me of one of the old quotes I had in one of those books about having the tenacity of a weed. Something about how weeds will grow even in concrete.

Love the photo. I used to walk a lot. Walking with the heavy backpack and seeing those miles stretch ahead of me I often thought I wish I could fly. I admire you so much.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Yes, girl...I've had that moment, too! Many a day...and night! Walking until I thought my legs would just crumble into dust and blow away into some corner of a cornfield.

Sweetie, I admire YOU.

So now we have a mutual admiration club.

Let's go out on the cyber-highway and get some more members!