Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Saw Me Everywhere!

HAPPY 2008, CAMPERS! Yeah, I finally have the opportunity to write a good, long post about 2007. I can sum-up the year in five words: I was on the road!

I hitchhiked on the side of an icy ramp in Oklahoma. I stuck my head out the window of a big rig while crossing the George Washington bridge and yelled "George Bush Sucks!" at the top of my lungs. I sat outside a day shelter at six o'clock in morning in New England and freaked-out the psychic in her office across the street.

I slept in a little tent at an RV park for several days during a torrential rainstorm in Oregon. Despite the weather, I enjoyed the experience because the RV park is located across the highway from a cheese plant. And the cows on the other side of the fence stared at me. While I sat on a picnic table by my tent. And ate cheese. In the rain.

I went up to Washington State to escape the summer heat. And sat by the Pacific Ocean. Watched the ferry. And dreamed of Alaska.

I developed a terrible infection in my lungs in Iowa and recovered in a huge house in Washington State. I got beat-up in Oregon, collapsed from dehydration in Montana, tripped on a sidewalk in Ohio and went to the hospital. I rode a Greyhound bus until it broke down.

I slept in a small, humble trailer in Missouri and in a large room in a fancy motel.

I threw snowballs in the Rockies, stayed in a cabin in the woods in Washington State, watched fireworks beside the Pacific Ocean and ate a chili dog while sitting on a guard rail in South Carolina.
I LIVED, CAMPERS! And this year I plan to live, too. In another country.

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