Saturday, February 23, 2008

Busing Like A Bad Dog, Part I

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This is the first, in a series of posts, that I'm going to make about the bad business known as Greyhound Lines, Inc. [Click on the post headline above to visit the Greyhound USA website.]

The company owns transportation rights under other names [I've been a passenger on both Vermont Transit and TNM&O as well as standard Greyhound buses]and serves North America from the Yukon Territory of Canada down to locations in Mexico.

Greyhound Lines, Inc. recently updated its websites. The company now features a timeline of its history and an updated contact page.[When I'm done posting "Busing Like A Bad Dog", I'm going to make a call to a number that Greyhound Lines, Inc. now provides. And any response that I receive from the company will be posted here.]

And the company touts itself as "The New Greyhound" and declares that "We're On Our Way."

The first time that I read the slogan I thought, "Yeah, Greyhound's on its way, alright...down into a ditch somewhere." [More about that, later.]

I would like to begin by sharing my own experiences as a customer of Greyhound Lines, Inc.

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