Saturday, February 23, 2008

Busing Like A Bad Dog, Part V

[This is the fifth post in a series that details the bad treatment that I have received as a customer of Greyhound Lines, Inc.]

[I first posted this story on January 29, 2007. I gave Greyhound Lines, Inc. another chance to transport me safely and without major incident across the Country. In the middle of the journey, the following happened]:

I rode in an old Greyhound bus to the ancient bus station in downtown St. Louis.

And, like a line of other people, I waited...and waited.

Then I got the news: Storms had closed the interstate after Kansas City. And only those passengers with tickets to KC and no further could go on the next buses out in that direction.

I stood there with the ticket that had cost almost $200 in my hand and raised my voice.

I explained that I wanted to go to Kansas City, too.

The Greyhound "staff" turned me down flat.

And they refused to refund the rest of my unused ticket or help me in any way.

I finally hitchhiked out of St. Louis that night.

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