Saturday, February 23, 2008

Busing Like A Bad Dog, Part VI

[This is the sixth post in a series that details the bad treatment that I have received as a customer of Greyhound Lines, Inc.]

[I first posted this story on April 18, 2005. I purchased an AmeriPass ticket and tried to make an easy trip north. But the Greyhound Gremlins changed everything.]

I bought an AmeriPass recently and tried to make a bus connection from Portland to Astoria, Oregon.

What should have been simple rapidly became very complicated.

The ticket agents at the terminal in Portland said they weren't sure if my AmeriPass would be accepted by the driver going to Astoria.

[I'm thinking: "Uhhhh...why don't they know?"]

Then when the driver came, everyone else flashed their white printed Greyhound tickets and boarded the bus.

I flashed my $296.00 AmeriPass and the driver told me to go buy a $17.00 bus ticket from the nearby Amtrak station.

[I'm thinking: "Uhhhh...why do I have to do that?"]

After pushing and pulling my way through the crowd at the Amtrak station, I finally board the bus to Astoria.

I get to Astoria and check-in at a motel.

Then I take another look at the brochure that describes the bus trip to Astoria.

The brochure claims to accept Greyhound bus tickets. It also lists the URL for the Greyhound website. And...the brochure also lists a toll-free number that is answered by "Gracie", Greyhound's "virtual travel agent."

[I'm thinking: "I shouldn't have had to pay for another ticket to Astoria."]

So I start making calls. I call Greyhound customer service and get put on hold. Then an agent answers the phone and tells me that he isn't sure about what I am asking about and tells me to call AmeriPass customer service.

I call AmeriPass customer service. I get put on hold, then an agent finally answers who doesn't know why my AmeriPass wasn't accepted, tells me that I'm making a "big deal" over seventeen-dollars and hangs up on me.

Finally I get the number for something called "Greyhound Executive Office for Customer Service" from my cell phone provider.

I call the number and leave messages. Nothing.

[Reader comment from the original post]:

I found your blog by Google-ing "Greyhound Executive Office". I was trying to find any info on their executive office but apparently they do not like to make it readily available.

I just wanted to say that I sympathize with your case.

I'm currently battling with Greyhound too; waiting to hear back from the executive office.

The customer service is rude and useless, to say the least. In my experience, the bus itself is reliably late.

I'm struggling to get a refund on the portion of the ticket I did not use (Thunder Bay, Ont- Montreal Que; a good 24 hour bus ride), because the bus was delayed for 8 hours and had I not taken a flight, I would have missed Christmas. I'm encouraging everyone I know to BOYCOTT GREYHOUND!

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