Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busing Like A Bad Dog, Part VIII


If I walked into one of the main Greyhound Lines, Inc. bus stations in Missouri, I know what would happen.

The building, in one of the worst sections of St. Louis, would be packed.

Yes, they have an outside waiting area but it's too cold to enjoy in the winter. Besides, it's mainly for smokers.

The building itself is ancient. Birds fly around the ceiling. It's too small for the amount of passengers who wait for a connecting bus on any given day.

There aren't enough seats anywhere. The place is crowded, dirty and it smells.

One look at the women's restroom and I wouldn't eat the food at the little fry counter. And no, I wouldn't sit on the toilet seat, either.

If I had a question, I would keep it to myself. I know that the people behind the ticket counter don't care about my travel concerns. They just sell tickets, while cracking gum and maintaining their "Don't Bother Me" attitude.

The buses that rumble in and out of the St. Louis station are always dirty, too.

At boarding time, I would do my best to sit near the front of the bus. And I'd keep an eye on the driver in an effort to keep him awake behind the wheel.

I would avoid the so-called "restroom" in the back of the bus. It's always disgusting.

As the miles passed, I would wonder WHY, in 2008, Greyhound has only managed to UPGRADE ITS WEBSITE!

And I would picture looking out the window at a billboard that said: "Greyhound Lines, Inc. 2008--Still Busing Like A Bad Dog."


A Former Employee said...

I feel for you. Greyhound's customer service is the number one area that needs to improve. Hours of training were done as part of the "elevate everything" campaign but it all fell to the wayside when people (managers, workers) were not held accountable for their actions. Shortly after this campaign, then the talk of First Group buying out Greyhound's parent company, Laidlaw, took priority. Service declined further as the few responsible managers left for other job opportunities. It has been in decline for a while.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the feedback. Especially since you are a former employee of Greyhound.
GLI's new website and reality are poles apart.
I would like to hear from ticked-off customers and fed-up current or former employees of Greyhound Lines, Inc.