Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Earthquake Difference

I subscribe to the USGS [see the link list] earthquake notification service. And I've noticed an increase in higher-magnitude tremors during the past week.

CNN's Anderson Cooper is concerned about stalkers. Clinton is sparring with Obama. The New York Times is pointing a written finger at John McCain. They're rioting over in Belgrade. And Britney is running around without panties again.

But today, in Nevada, Utah and Idaho...the earth shook.

My TV went haywire and I lost Internet service. Along with, according to my provider, about 10,000 other subscribers.

Something is going to happen. I can just "feel" it. An earthquake is going to start shaking and rattle the planet down to its core.

And when that happens, people's priorities will change. Within minutes.

Suddenly, survival will matter more than anything. Superficial situations will be forgotten in the search for lost loved ones, medical attention, shelter and fresh water.

InfraGard will be useless when the planet starts its dance of damage.

Something to remember.

I sure did today.

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