Thursday, February 28, 2008

Greyhound Lines, Inc. And Kim Komando

[This is an update to the series of posts that I made under the title "Busing Like A Bad Dog."]

Kim Plaskett, Director of Corporate Communications with Greyhound Lines, Inc. got a second message in her voicemail today. From me.

Later on in the day, I got a call back from Julie Churchill, who, according to her, is the Director of the Call Center for Greyhound Lines, Inc.

I stated my concerns. She spun words. It was pretty much the conversation that I expected.

I did find out that the aging Greyhound Lines, Inc. bus station in downtown St. Louis will finally be vacated this year. The whole St. Louis operation will be moving into a modern facility alongside Amtrak.

When that happens, I'm going to ask Julie Churchill to send me a photograph of the new station. That move will be a miracle that I've just GOT to see!

As a matter of fact, after everything that I've been through, I think Greyhound Lines, Inc. should send me a ticket to see the new station for myself.

We discussed tired drivers, trashed bus stations, poor communication and bad customer service.

She mentioned ringing Bill Blankenship's [Chief Operating Officer of Greyhound Lines, Inc.] bell. I don't think that will be necessary. I'm sure that if Mr. Blankenship is the half the operations man that the Greyhound Lines, Inc. website declares him to be, he'll spend 2008 shaping-up the company.

I asked Julie Churchill to read all of the posts in the "Busing Like A Bad Dog" series. She did. And in all fairness, she took some time checking the posts out. About 45 minutes total, as a matter of fact.

A fast check on the Internet revealed that Julie Churchill has been fielding complaints like mine for some time now. Including [unfortunately] one from a fellow blogger who posted a raving diatribe about bus seating in 2005. I'm sure the poor, troubled soul was sincere. But he was also slightly dysfunctional which doesn't help when customers like me try to contact Greyhound Lines, Inc. with valid concerns.

JUlie Churchill gave me an exclusive point-of-contact that I won't release. And I pointed out that it isn't talking that will ultimately resolve the serious problems within Greyhound Lines, Inc. Listening and sincere follow-up will.

I asked for an on-the-record response in writing from Greyhound Lines, Inc. Julie Churchill said that was impossible.

And there the first speed-bump was laid.

She said that she will be in contact with me in the near future. What I want is for Greyhound Lines, Inc. to get its transportation act together and start respecting its customers.

I'm not entirely sure why Julie Churchill got tapped to talk to me. But at least she did.

When I hung-up the phone, I was [and am] very aware that lip service won't lead to a "New" Greyhound. Nor will a catchy slogan on an upgraded website.

What does Kim Komando have to do with this post?

[Click on the post headline above to visit Kim's website.]

At the end of our conversation, Julie Churchill said that I sound just like the computer genius Kim Komando.

That's because a covert group of scientists [who never touch buses] cloned Kim Komando's voice and installed it in me.

And if you believe that, then you'll also believe that Greyhound Lines, Inc. is right in its decision not to respond to me in writing.

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