Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Killing Cowards

I am very blessed today.

I bought a pot full of primroses that I love.

They are so bright, yellow and cheerful.

The sun is out and today is supposed to be the warmest day yet this year.

My teddy is sitting on my computer, just giving me his funny, fuzzy bear smile.

Music, direct from Martha's Vineyard, is playing softly in my ear.

And life is good.

I am fortunate.

I just wish that the monsters of this world would leave all of us happy people alone.

Yes, I've read the news articles about the Northern Illinois University shooter.

Someone always comes up with an explanation. But there is never an excuse.

The way I see it, no shooter deserves one.

The guy bought guns and ammunition. Parked himself in a motel near the campus.
Then stoked himself with energy drinks and cold medication before going over to NIU and taking innocent lives.

He even picked a high-profile holiday to carry-out his horrible acts.

All of his actions were premeditated.

And anybody capable of doing that amount of planning is responsible for his own actions.

He was and always will be nothing but a damned coward. A coward that didn't even have the guts to die alone.

I'm tired of worthless human wanna-Be's!

You won't ever hear any sympathetic words out of me for the NIU shooter. None at all.

I think that it's time for people like him to re-think life.

I mean, I've had to deal with a lot in my life, too: Being a hitchhiker out on the road, in and out of shelters, getting hassled by burned-out providers, law-enforcement and strung-out homeless people...oh yeah, I've dealt with my share.

I've also had to deal with personal and medical issues.

But I've always held on. Like billions of other people in the world do every day.

And when I've needed assistance, I got it. There is no such thing, in the United
States of America, as a community with a totally deaf ear. If a person is struggling with issues, all he or she has to do is make a phone call.

I mentioned to a friend the other day that most good people in this Country never have time to shoot and kill innocent people on a university

Because those good people are way too busy keeping it real. And then I told him that:

We don't need another failure-figure in this Country.

We've got too many of those already.

What we need is somebody willing to go the distance...and be a real hero.

And heroes leave this life with honor, not with a victim-list and a cursed obituary.

Think about it.

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