Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Major League-Based Bullshit


(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

I am watching, as I type this, the Congressional Steroid Hearing.

Roger Clemens on the HOT SEAT!

And while Clemens says one thing, and other people say something else...I wonder:

What would Dan Gladden say about this?

Gladden made a statement, in 2005, that I re-posted recently:
[“The biggest thing is with the new penalties, the players who use them will be exposed and names will come out, unlike what has happened in the past,” Gladden said. “The problem should have been addressed a long time ago.”]

I assume that Dan Gladden was telling the truth. Maybe he even knows something that prompted him to say what he did.

Everybody wants to believe Roger Clemens is telling the truth.

But somebody is lying.

There's nothing more ugly than Major League Bullshit.


sassykathy said...

I laughed out loud when I heard about the congressional hearing on Roger Clemen's possible use of steroids. Our good congress folk can't be bothered with impeachment hearings about the lies which took us into a disastrous war - nor with hearings focused on the corporate fraud committed by winners of no-bid contracts - nor hearings focused on Blackwater thugs but shoot our conscientious representatives are right on top of crime in the sports arena!!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

And they should be!

Steroids, HGH and performance-enhancing drugs in general have a bad track record.

And using them is not only dangerous but cheating, too.

The bigger question is: Who gets cheated first--the fans or the fool that uses them?