Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pressure And The Next President

Little by little, and caucus by primary, I see my representation slipping away.

There is so much political pandemonium going on that I'm losing my chance to be heard.

I live in Oregon. A quiet State in the midst of all of the hoopla right now. And Oregonians won't be able to say much about the presidential candidates until May.

And while I've already decided who I won't endorse, I'm not sure who will get my ultimate vote.

[UPDATE: I am now endorsing Senator Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States of America.]

I'm not impressed by speeches, sound bites, percentages or polls. I'm watching how the potential candidates deal with pressure. Because a cool head and common sense will be crucial when the United States faces its next big crisis.

I hope our Country never faces another 9/11. But it's always possible. And how the next administration deals with an attack or a natural disaster will impact every single one of us.

And at that point, if it ever happens, it won't matter who's White, Black, Republican or Democrat. What will matter is who's making the major decisions and how those choices are made. I hope whoever reads this will keep these words in mind next November.


- michael - said...

There are many people who are in the same boat: they aren't sure who they are going to cast their vote for come November.

It's unfortunate that many who will cast a vote, will do so based on who they think will do the least amount of damage.

Sad state of affairs, but true nonetheless

mary said...

I guess it all depends if you think going into Iraq (which had nothing to do with "9/11") was a good thing. Out of the candidates we have left to choose from only Senator Obama is against going into Iran. He wrote the Resolution to counter the Iran Resolution which passed in the Senate. Senator Clinton gave it her yes vote. I would not say Obama is enough of a dove for my tastes, but Clinton is as much of a hawk as the Republicans.

If they take us into Iran a return of the draft is sure to follow. They have been debating that for a while as we are low on troops. We are also already in debt to pay for China, so yet another war makes no economic sense, not to mention the toll on humans; lives and missing limbs, more mental health issues and more homeless veterans on account of it.

Without the Iraq war there might not be a Dubai~jet set's new luxury resort. Bill Clinton and Neil Bush have been earning millions via Dubai and probably Cheney and others. Comment getting to long to continue with the inhumane treatment of Dubai workers. Interesting stuff that is in how it relates to corruption in our highest levels of office.

Anonymous said...

Did not feel like logging on. To continue, why ever does anyone consider mandated health insurance with government penalty a good idea? Senator Clinton said she will garnish wages of those who do not buy to pay for the cost to supply insurance to those who can not afford. Huh? I do not know if you buy insurance or if you can afford it. It seems to be that people that do not buy can not afford it, so it is like she is punishing them twice.

I just saw the cost of it, and it is not affordable for me. (chart distributed in Mass. and the potential costs) Insurance does not typically make health care affordable with all those "do not cover" and deductibles.

I would have liked to vote for perhaps, Kucinich, but because the people seem to think a known liar and womanizer makes good First Man material, I was forced to vote for Obama. My first choice is actually Cynthia McKinney, but third parties do not do well in national elections and I do not know if she has leadership ability. Just that her ideal and voting record matches my own.

I can not support Hillary because I am Code Pink and I remember her answer to us ladies re: Iraq. So will not vote for her in November. She follows men leads, then places the blame for her actions upon them, or does not have her own intelligence to use to make choices. The current admin has the "get them before they get us" mentality and she shares it. I also think her (and Edwards) mandated insurance smells of dictatorship in our supposed land of democracy.

mary said...

Wonder if you got the same blog post several times. Something funky going on here. Apologize if you did. Mary Love your primrose plant. Funny that lady on the live cam wiped her nose with her arm when she was busy looking at the screen. Julia Fellows, I think it said. Yikes, glad I do not have a camera on me!