Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sabrina Allen Update 2008

[2008 Update:
A private investigator contacted me in 2006 and asked me to do a favor. He asked this in hopes that it would bring Greg closer to finding his daughter, Sabrina Allen.

As far as I know, two-years later, that sweet girl is still missing. Click on the post headline to see new age-enhanced drawings of what Sabrina might look like now.]

Dara, if you ever read this, consider what Greg is going through. And imagine how it will affect Sabrina, when she gets older and realizes what you did.

I believe that Greg loves Sabrina very much. He has maintained the website and has never given up searching for his daughter.

Today, no one is telling me to write this. I am editing all of the posts in my blog and I've decided to write this on my own.

It is almost painful to read Greg's words...every month...on his website, as each year passes. Greg has proven, through his constant devotion, that he cares about Sabrina very much.

And Sabrina deserves the chance to know the love of her dad.

Create a miracle all on your own this year, Dara...

...and bring Sabrina back.

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