Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today, I won.

Okay, we all make mistakes.

I have made some doozies.

But it gets really unnerving when it involves a person's bank.

My bank had a rather unsettling surprise for me this morning. Oh, it wasn't the bank's fault, not directly, anyway.

And it wasn't mine, either.

Which is why I started making phone calls, sending emails and generally raising hell.

My money doesn't stay in my hand. It goes to other people and businesses. Every month, like clockwork, I stimulate the local economy.

When I get money, I send pieces of it out to other sources. Everybody wins.

That's the American Way, Campers.

About six weeks ago, my bank got the brilliant [NOT!] idea to add a feature onto my account.

After four weeks, I decided that I didn't like the feature and called to cancel it.

The problem was that the feature involved a third-party.

And that third-party screwed-up and forgot all about my phone call.

So this morning I had to take the matter into my own hands. [I'm not one to take "NO" for an answer when I know darn well it doesn't have to be that way.]

My bank saw the problem. The third-party pretended it didn't. And I pulled back the lid on a vacuum-packed can of whoop ass.

In the end, I won.

The bank reversed one part of the problem and the third-party will post their error right back into my account in the form of dinero.

I found out today that I am not the only person who's been jerked-around by the third-party. But I bet they won't forget ME anytime soon.

I cherish my victories...however large or small they are.

[Click on the post headline above to read Jena McGregor's "Business Week" article "Customer Backlash Against Bad Service", posted today.]

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