Friday, February 15, 2008

Where's My Helmet?

The USA 193 spy satellite is coming to a neighborhood near you! Well, maybe.

And just like a certain political candidate right now, the mega-million-dollar "Snoop-Sat" is losing control.

President Bush has ordered Ol' Matt Dillon the Military Man to take out his gun and shoot it down.

If Matt misses somebody might be screwed.

The renegade satellite is as big as a school bus, weighs 5,000 lbs and is filled with hydrazine.

That hydrazine is nasty stuff.

Ol' Matt Dillon the Military Man better aim straight!

Of course, even if he does, and the USA 193 blows apart, its pieces might still rain down on somebody.

And if Matt misses...well...put on your gas mask and take one giant step to the right.

The Feds say everything's going to be "just fine."

Sure. Compared to what?

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