Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dan Gladden: Dull-ing Down?


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Sports Editor Dave DeLand thinks Dan Gladden is dull.

And he made his point in an article released in the St.Cloud[Minnesota]Times,today.

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Dan Gladden covers the radio play-by-play for the Minnesota Twins baseball team, along with John Gordon.

And after listening to Gladden for a number of years now, Dave has christened Dan a "dullard."

Which made me roar with laughter!

He says that Dan Gladden's commentary is "grating."

After reading Dave DeLand's article, I rolled my memory tape back to a radio interview at the old Tiger stadium in Detroit.

The ballplayer stuttered, paused and sounded like a complete idiot on the air. And I thought, "Gee, that guy talks just like he plays."

I think that Dave DeLand shouldn't be so hard on Dan Gladden's broadcasting technique. After all, it could be worse:

He could be stuck listening to the voice of Rob Deer.

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