Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eve Carson Murderers: Turn Yourselves In

A reader sent me a comment [which will not be posted here but was sent to my friend, private investigator Chuck Chambers, in Florida] that contained, in one word, HATE.

The reader made it quite clear that "he" hates Jews, African-Americans and any "White" people that align themselves with the first two segments of the population.

I wasn't impressed.

At this point, blaming everybody else for what two [in theory] people did is just wrong.

The world didn't kill Eve Carson, most likely two cowards did.

So, I am going to aim my words at them...not at a heritage, ethnicity, gender, biological make-up, political affiliation or age group:


Turn yourselves in.

We know that you are the lowest of the low on the human behavior chain. You have nothing left to prove.

But you do have one thing left to do: Be really brave, take a deep breath, pull up your junior pants, square your shoulders, look your conscience straight in the eye, walk into the Chapel Hill Police Department building and peacefully turn yourselves in.

It will take more guts than probably anything else that you two have ever done.

But it is the right thing to do.

Every day, good people keep this Country real. They collect trash, they plant community gardens, they volunteer at after-school programs for kids, they deliver meals to Senior Citizens, they smile at the postal carrier...

...where are YOU in that group?


But that memory still haunts you, doesn't it?

You want to be real big men?

Face justice.

It's the only way that you'll ever truly face yourself.

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