Monday, March 31, 2008

Google's Green L Award

I contacted Google recently and asked them why my blog has never been chosen to be a "Blog Of Note." I have been blogging since December 2004. I landed a Gmail account without ever having to go through the initial invitation process [Google took a liking to me when I sent an amusing email response to them following their announcement about starting a space station on the moon]. And I eventually got a phone call through to the Grand Godfather of Google during a now-infamous flap about their Terms Of Service. So I feel that I am deserving of some sort of noteworthy Google distinction.

Well, today, I officially received it.

The "G" gang hit their mighty [[!!GONG!!]] and bestowed upon me the highest honor that anyone, remotely affiliated with Google, will ever receive:

The coveted ~Green L Award~.

I am so honored.

Yes, despite the fact that I have been anInternet Bad Girl for years...Google has named me, Ruthie Rader, the lucky recipient of the ~Green L Award~ for 2008.

What does the L stand for?

It stands for Laugh. So go give someone a gift of laughter today.

And thank you, Google, for giving me this special award. I will cherish it fondly until the end of this year.

And then I look forward to receiving a new one.

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