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Greyhound Takes The Wrong Way Home

THIS is the "New" Greyhound


PHOTO Provided By Permission Of:
The Scranton Times-Tribune


"I don't think I will ever take Greyhound again. Because I'm traumatized about the situation," says passenger and bus crash victim Chris Jarvis.

Last Sunday, while most of the Country was still sleeping off the remnants of Saturday night, a serious "accident" happened. Again.

John Miller, 43, of Blossvale, N.Y., lost control of the Greyhound bus that he was driving. Then he sent himself and over fifty passengers into a terrifying spin off of Interstate 380 in Covington Township, Pennsylvania.

At about the same time that the bus smashed through an embankment, turned several times, slid and came to a stop on its roof, I was posting the following in this blog:


and I posted the following on the night before the crash:


The photos in those two posts are from WRAL-TV video taken at the scene of the Greyhound bus crash near Henderson, North Carolina.

That makes two major Greyhound Lines, Inc. bus crashes so far in 2008. And we are barely three months into this year.

Upgrading bus stations and retraining customer service employees is one thing. Building and maintaining a safe driver base is something that Greyhound Lines, Inc. better focus its attention on NOW.

If one more major "accident", involving a negligent Greyhound bus driver, happens this year...

...the Federal hot light will shine so bright that Greyhound Lines, Inc. will have nowhere left to hide.

The line has been drawn.

I will soon find out if anyone aboard that ill-fated bus in Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit yet.

I hope so. If I had been on that bus, I would be galvanized to my attorney right now.

But what if there is a next time?

What if a driver gets so overtired that he makes a wrong turn and some one's Grandma or little baby dies?


[Click on the photo to see a larger image.]

"We invest six to seven weeks of training in our motor coach operators and expect results."--From The Re-Designed
Greyhound Lines, Inc. Website.


PHOTO Provided By Permission Of:
The Scranton Times-Tribune


No legal filing in the universe would ever bring those lives back.

And that's what Greyhound Lines, Inc. better start thinking about. The only thing that is "New" about Greyhound today is its "accident" statistic! And neither of the incidents listed in this post were actually "accidents" at all. BOTH OF THEM COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED!

I am going to call Greyhound Lines, Inc. tomorrow morning. I want to know if John Miller has been fired. Or if Greyhound is going to allow him to drive a bus again.

Every potential customer has the right to know.

And if Greyhound refuses to fire that man, then Bill Blankenship [Chief Operating Officer, Greyhound Lines, Inc.] should make John Miller his personal driver.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure he fell asleep? I just got off a greyhound bus in Texas and when the driver wasn't weaving off the road trying to pass trucks with hazard material at 80 miles an hour he was on his cell phone. Tailgating and weaving in and out of was the bus ride from hell. We complained about him being on his cell phone while driving, to the Greyhound office and were told it was ok for him to drive and be on the phone. Greyhound needs to check with Texas law...