Thursday, March 06, 2008

Greyhound: Until Strike Three

Greyhound Lines, Inc. doesn't want to talk to me anymore. Which is what I expected would happen. But I'm going to keep my ear to the road this year. Will bus stations really get an upgrade? [I doubt it.] Will customer service improve? [I wouldn't bet a mile marker on it.] Will the new specialized route from Washington DC to New York City be a rousing success? [Please see the first two answers.]

Will Greyhound execs see another major bus wreck due to driver error, with passenger injuries or worse this year?

Or will Greyhound Lines, Inc. trade its victim list for a roster of satisfied customers?

I hope that this post doesn't end up back on the top of this page. Nine months to go.
The strike three warning has been made.

We'll see who really has the last word in 2008.

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