Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lawrence Lovette: The Bottom Line

It's time to face reality here.

To the people who wear certain colors and tattoos because someone else told them to... And live to destroy every beautiful thing around them...I say, listen to my words:

From what I've read, Eve Carson wasn't like that. She lived. And she was preparing to do wonderful things in the world.

I just roll my eyes when I hear "thugs" go on and on about how tough they are.

Not one of them has ever designed or built a car. Or laid one inch of the asphalt that they pretend to strut on. Not one has ever delivered toys to cheer up sick children in a hospital pediatric ward. Or plowed a field that will help to feed the Nation. Or painted a senior citizen's home. Or gone oversees to volunteer a year to help the poverty-stricken people in Darfur.


They haven't done any of those things because none of them has enough pride inside to take responsibility for someone else.

Every day I wake up and thank God and the people who keep my lights burning, who bring me a laugh on TV, who keep my water clean, who record the music that makes me smile, who deliver my mail to the box and bread to the grocery store, who produce the soap I wash with and the clothes that I wear...I thank them all...because all of those people are the REAL STRONG ONES in this world.

The firefighters, the EMT's, the hospital workers, the cops, the teachers, the coaches, the long-haul truck drivers, the road workers, the grocery store check-out people...ALL of them do what it takes to make this part of the world what we know as God-blessed America.

And I KNOW...that no hat, or tag, or colors, or criminal code will EVER take that TRUTH away. Not ever.

I hitchhiked out of downtown St. Louis, Missouri, at night, in the winter once. I rode out a tornado, at night, in a crawlspace underneath an overpass bridge outside of Hudson, Wisconsin. And I've hitchhiked thousands of miles from Maine to Alaska. I've seen fights, a suicide, drug abuse, and human degradation from Boston to Detroit to Gary to Houston to Phoenix to Los Angeles to Portland to Fairbanks.

And I never once sold-out to anybody. Nobody has ever told me what to wear, what to say or what to think. And no one ever will.

My independent thinking tempered by kindness hasn't made me perfect. Oh no.

But somewhere along the roads that I traveled on, I was blessed and remain so today.

The most precious gift that God has ever given me on this earth is the secret of life. And over the years it has been my privilege to pass it on.

I think that Lawrence Lovette chose Eve Carson because she represents everything that he is too lazy, selfish and afraid to cultivate within himself.

And now, to those who grow roses in a nursery, mop the floor in a laundromat and brew coffee in a little cafe at five o'clock in the morning, I say...Way to go, HERO'S! ROCK ON!

And to little Larry Lovette, I say: Thank God I'm not you.

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