Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Newseum

The Newseum At Night

Credit: Sam Kittner

The Newseum is celebrating its Grand Opening in Washington DC on April 11, 2008. [Click on the post headline above to visit the Newseum website.]

Wow! When I visit Washington DC again, I'm going to spend a whole day in that place!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it HERE!

You'll Even Find A News Chopper In There!

PHOTO: Maria Bryk/Newseum

Even the Internet is featured in a fantastic way:

Internet, TV And Radio

Credit: Dorian Soto/Newseum

And the section that I want to visit first:

Cox Enterprises First Amendment Gallery

Credit: Artist’s rendering courtesy Ralph Appelbaum Associates

After my wonderful day at the Newseum, I would love to stay HERE!

If you are in Washington DC on April 11, admission to the Newseum will be FREE!

Today's front pages
courtesy of the Newseum.

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