Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama In Oregon


Senator Barack "I Have A Scheme" Obama is in Oregon today. He's going to visit liberal Portland, uptight conservative Salem, laid-back Eugene and maybe Medford.

He is clear over on the other side of the State. Which is fine with me.

I am NOT his fan.

Perhaps the locals will show Senator Obama a few features of Western Oregon. Such as:
roses, cheese...a rip tide.

The photo above is circulating the Internet today. It shows then-President Bill Clinton shaking now-loudmouthed Jeremiah Wright's hand. In the White House, no less. But that's not surprising. Many dubious activities took place in that building during the Clinton Administration.

Senator Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with that photograph. And Senator Barack Obama won't grab the Presidential matter how many hands HE shakes.

Senator Obama will eventually leave Oregon.

And instead of shaking his hand, I will raise mine and wave goodbye.

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