Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pictures Speaking Thousands Of Words?

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A poster on a news website made an interesting observation yesterday. He took the two black-and-white photos of the alleged murderer and his accomplice and tweaked them a little. What he came up with surprised even him.

Apparently, he says that the reason that the shadow, at first glance, looks so large in the back seat of the car, is because there's actually TWO people sitting there: The accomplice and Eve Carson, or somebody wearing glasses. According to him, there's a face of a man looking out the back window and a faint image of a smaller person sitting next to him.

He pointed out that the men wouldn't want to take Eve's life until after they used the correct PIN number and withdrew money from her bank account. So they took her to the bank with them.

He might be wrong about this, but it makes sense.

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