Saturday, March 08, 2008

To Eve Carson's Murderer:

ENHANCED color photo by
William E. Mathis: photo expert.

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An Open Letter To The Person Who Killed Eve Carson:

I am monitoring the news online to see if you've been apprehended yet. At this moment, it appears that you are still hiding.

But you can't hide from God. He knows who you are and He knows what you did.

There is no confirmed proof that you are the same person that is shown in the photograph. But it doesn't matter now. God knows what you look like.

He doesn't look at your mortal body. He sees clear into your ruined soul.

And you can run from everybody else, but you'll never escape His final decision.

Go on...switch vehicles, create a fake ID, pitch the hat, change your clothes and brag to your buddies. You'll never escape the truth.

And the truth is: You destroyed YOURSELF when you shot and killed Eve Carson.

You have no power. You are nothing but a lying FOOL.

You took Eve's mortal existence away from this Earth, but I am convinced that she went straight into the loving arms of angels.

Dance with YOUR DEMONS now. Lie to yourself. But know THIS: After you take YOUR last breath, there will be no one left to hide behind when God sends you straight to HELL.

UPDATE: The Chapel Hill Police have released two more photos of you. There you are, walking into a convenience store, looking around. What are you looking for besides the ATM machine? A way out, maybe? You'll never find one. But the cops WILL find YOU.

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