Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barack's Small Talk

I've mentioned Senator Barack Obama's battle, with his own fragile ego, in the past. Unfortunately, I saw it again today during his press conference.

And that's not all that I saw.

Senator Obama stood in front of the cameras, stammered and verbally tried to divorce himself from his nemesis, Jeremiah Wright.

But I remember when Senator Obama referred to Mr. Wright as an "old uncle."

And as Senator Obama spoke, I noticed that he focused his concern on himself first, his campaign second and the citizens of the United States of America, last. Several times.

I saw Senator Obama grow small in my eyes. And when he ran out of words to defend himself, I watched Senator Obama practically run off the stage. At that closing moment, Senator Barack Obama looked, in front of the entire world, like a kid who just blew his pitch on a high school debate team.

Senator Barack Obama has failed. That's the real bottom line here. To quote a song, "His words were cold and flat, and we deserve more than that."

Senator Obama got that universally-recognized "Bambi found a bomb" look in his eyes as he desperately tried to think of the correct thing to say. But it became obvious, as he fumbled for words, that he doesn't care half as much about how his alliance with Jeremiah Wright has affected the American people. Oh no, he is really worried about how the exposure of his imitation image will affect his nomination for President.

On March 15, I sent an email to the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. And in that email, I included the "Hieremias Of Hate" post from my blog.

I waited for a response. I have never received one.

But I knew that God would respond. And He did, today. I felt God's presence, as He leaned across the podium and whispered into Senator Obama's ear, "Barack...when are you going to do the right thing?"

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