Saturday, April 12, 2008

Destination: A Better Destiny?


When the subject of God comes up, everyone always thinks that they're right.

Look in any phone directory under the heading of "Churches" and see how many different denominations there are. And most of those listings are for mainstream congregations.

God: dissected.

Personally, I think people have the GOD-given right to worship any way that they choose.


1.] Freedom is precious. Isolation protects a lie. The FLDS penchant for brainwashing and keeping people behind a locked gate is wrong. And it's an illusion. God can open that gate anytime that He wants to. In fact, I think that He just did.

2.] Life is a matter of choice. Even the Amish practice Rumspringa. A specific hairstyle, long dress and self-stitched long underwear won't make those FLDS females perfect people. That's just mortal window-dressing. I believe that God loves women who wear t-shirts and jeans, too.

PHOTO CREDIT: "Banking On Heaven"

3.] Gender should never decide the value of a soul. I don't believe that God puts males on one list and females on another. I think that God recognizes us before we slip into a mortal body and knows us when we pass on to another plane. I further believe that God holds us accountable for what we do in our mortal existence. Whether we are born men or women has nothing to do with the creation to salvation equation. Truly, the FLDS practice of male domination over women is nothing but a damned sin! We all poop the same and when it comes to screw-ups, we're all to blame.

4.] No one ever has the right to hurt, abuse or exploit another innocent person. The reports coming out about forced marriages and sex between young teens and middle-aged FLDS men are disgraceful. But this is what happens when people forget their real role in life and decide to play God. In the end, God always "plays" them.

I hope that every person that boarded one of those buses reaches a destination of happiness and true peace of mind. May God bless you all.

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