Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquakes For Earth Day?

The USGS released a prediction
recently: California is going to
get hit hard by a very big earthquake within the next 30 years.

I have a prediction of my own: Our EarthHome is going to get hit by a cluster of severe earthquakes, tsunamis and major volcanic eruptions within the next FEW years. Or sooner.

Seismologists are monitoring what I'm seeing in
recent earthquake patterns. And I am not surprised by the news of THE MODERATE EARTHQUAKE this morning in Illinois.

Maybe I coming across like a female Noah pointing toward the
gathering storm clouds. But I think I'm right. Hysteria is one thing.
Science is something else. Future earthquakes have the potential to cause catastrophic destruction. A major temblor is a very real threat.

As Earth Day approaches...what do you think
we should do about this impending disaster?

Jeff Barnard, a reporter for the Associated Press, released
a story "Unusual
earthquakes measured off Oregon"
that emphasizes my interest in
recent tremors.

The way I see it, our planet has been clamoring for attention, and as the result of seismic activity, it's finally going to get it.

This is both a comfort and a concern to me. It's good to know that
more people are realizing that this is a serious situation. But I wonder if this is too little too late.

I live in Oregon. Right now I am on the far Eastern side of the State.
But I am paying close attention to the earthquakes, not only off the coast of Oregon, but in this ever-growing
between the Continents.

And I can tell you that in the past four months, the number of
significant quakes have increased in a rapidly forming chain from
South to North America up to Alaska over to Russia and down to

Call me a prophet of doom, but I think that there's something wrong.

Check-out this article posted in
on January 7, 2007.

What are the long-term ramifications of coal mining, underground
nuclear testing, oil exploration and military screwing-around with our

About a magnitude 9.5?

NOTHING else that we do to save our EarthHome will matter if the
planet has a major blow-out. A severe series of earthquakes, coupled
with active volcanic eruptions and subsequent tsunamis will create a
global catastrophe.

And when that happens, the color green won't matter to anyone.

ShakeOut!/NOVEMBER 13, 2008
My earthquake post on February 21, 2008


Green Torrinhas said...

Hi Ruthie,

Well, I read you post about climat changes.

Men abused a lot of the planet Earth. They have scrified it enormously by ambition or by scientific curiosity.

The human intelligence is so vast that Humanity thought that it could dominate Earth, Environment, Science... but not!

'...A severe series of earthquakes, coupled
with active volcanic eruptions and subsequent tsunamis will create a
global catastrophe...'
- it seems to me that you are so right :(

Let's hope that we can change some bad habits and minimize those catastrophies...

Let's hope that 'Earth Day 2008' could change the mentality of a lot a people and the politic of the biggest countries!

Thank so much about your visit to our blog!

See you soon!

Have a nice 'Earth day'

Ruthie In The Sky said...

You are most welcome, my young ones. My green plants say hello to you...each leaf is waving... :)