Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama's Wrong Number

Once upon a time, I wasn't sure who I would vote for. So, being the inquisitive citizen that I am, I signed-up for newsletters from both campaigns. As time went on, I made my decision: I am casting my happy vote for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Once my choice was made, I tried to disengage myself from the Obama campaign. I hit the unsubscribe button and then sent emails. But the more that I tried to disconnect from the "O-No's", the more they sent me newsletters and today...I got a phone call.

The sound quality of the voicemail was bad and the message was scripted via a machine. The Obama campaign asked for my support. I decided to respond. So I made two calls of my own: One to the National and one to the Oregon State Obama campaign headquarters.

The National Obama-Bot blew me off and the Oregon Obama person was polite, but asked me for my name at the end of the conversation. I provided my full name and stated where I was calling from at the BEGINNING of that phone call.

And I ENDED that phone call by saying, "That's just what your guy's campaign is all about: The big picture and forgetting about each individual voter. I have a right to be heard and that's what's important here. Your people don't comprehend that. That's why you don't even remember my FIRST name five minutes after I said it. My point is made."

Then I disconnected the call.

I bet if the Clinton campaign ever calls me, I'll not only talk with a real person...but that person will remember my name, without asking, when we say goodbye.

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