Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Point Of My Playlist

Some people say that I post on a razor's edge. And sometimes that's true.

If there's enough stubble of stupid thinking on the chin of those who need to be chastised...then I'll probably lather-up and shave the lunatics.

And here's my barber chair point for today: You're here for a limited time.

I included a song on my play list [on the bottom of the page] by the Beatles called "Mother Nature's Son." And I chose it because it describes [Yes, I'm aware that it also describesTHIS,too...Yeehaw!]
a guy's enjoyment of just hanging out with nature.

Imagine that: a person actually getting a grand kick out of doing what he really wants to do! And not worrying about it.

Wow, eh?

My favorite song on the list is "International Harvester." Craig Morgan drives my point even further down the rural road.

Garth Brooks' "Thunder Rolls" details choice and consequence. But the Doors "Riders On The Storm" puts paranoia in overdrive.

And some things, when put in proper perspective, like Dierks Bentley does in his song "Free And Easy", aren't worth worrying about.

Your life is a one-run event.

Don't get your stressed-out stop sign mixed up with your go for it green light.

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