Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Secret Shade Of Satisfaction

It's so easy to get wrapped-up in an issue and allow it to take center stage in your life, isn't it?

Will you be able to make your mortgage or rent payment this month? Should you grab your car insurance back from that little gecko and put it in better hands? Are you going to put less food in your body and more gas in your car? Or just cut back on both? Will you recycle your trash, cream another wrinkle off of your face, flip-off the Status quo and cast a big blue vote? Or will you turn on a mellow song, crack open a brew and just watch the sun slide through the Springtime clouds?

A guy wrote to me and pointed out that the color black is the wrong choice for my blog. He asked me to change it. I wrote back and suggested that he change his attitude. Because it isn't worth worrying about. I'm just BAD on my blackboard. *Laugh*

Today's "civilized" society is concerned about everything from whitening teeth to removing the rust ring in the toilet bowl.

What ever happened to just being happy because you're alive?

If you aren't picking up the pieces after a tornado, bailing out after a flood or running from a wildfire then consider yourself lucky. And if you get one smile from a loved one today and don't bury a friend, then remember that you're blessed.

And pass the miracle on.

Yeah, there's a priceless magic in being thankful for your own fortunate state of being.

Now go out and truly enjoy your day.

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