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The Silence Of Suppression

A Hillary Clinton fan in Hillsboro, Oregon

[AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens]

Radio personality Randi Rhodes tossed-out the "F" word with Senator Hillary Clinton's name attached and the "S" word bounced back and hit her in the face. The "S" word in this case is Suppression. In fact, I think suppression and karma smacked her as a tag team.

[And now Ed Schultz is facing a similar situation.]

I've never liked Randi Rhodes rants. And I made it clear on the Internet on April 13, 2004:


[After a few days of listening to Randi Rhodes, I turned off Air America radio.



1.] Ms. Rhodes told the listening audience "I have a confession to make: I don't listen to talk radio."

2.] When a male listener called her, made some excellent comments and then asked to share a short poem with everyone, Rhodes disconnected the call. And then she said "I don't accept poems or singing. I sing but nobody else does." The guy didn't want to sing, he wanted to share something that I, personally, would have loved to have heard. If his poem was anything like his comments, then I'm sure the poem would have been enjoyed by everyone. It would have been a heck of a lot better than just listening to Rhodes' rotten whiskey-voice for several more hours!

3.] Another listener called and said that he had never called a radio station before. He said that he wasn't real familiar with all of the ins-and-outs of the subject matter. Rhodes turned a condescending tone of voice on him and said "That's okay...I'll teach you everything that you need to know."

The fact is that Randi "Wrong" Rhodes does NOT know everything or she'd be in Washington DC right now, sitting beside the President!

4.] She's as arrogant on the air as mic-hog Rush Limbaugh. She might have a different political stance, but she's cut from the same talk-jock cloth.

Her on-air lie declares: "I'M more important than you dumb little sheep who listen to me and then buy the stuff that's advertised in the commercials."

The truth is that Randi "Wrong" Rhodes is a boring loudmouth and Air America's biggest mistake.]


Four years later, she's now suspended from further broadcasting via Air America radio.

What's being said on all sides about Randi Rhodes doesn't concern me. Expressing an opinion is the American Way.

What concerns me is the thought of waking up one morning to the silence of suppression.

I don't agree with Randi Rhodes but I do defend her right to say what she did. I hate censorship. That's why I like writing in my blog--because nobody controls what I post. [Which is something that Google and I argued about at a certain point in time.]

Always remember and never forget: Whether one is Liberal, Moderate or Conservative isn't the issue. Ever. The real concern is whether or not all of us can freely speak our mind in print, on the air or anywhere in the world.

Communication is the beginning of understanding. The silence of suppression is truly a noose around freedom's neck.

Lyrics to the song "At The Zoo" released by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel in 1967.

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