Friday, April 04, 2008

TKO Tobacco!

According to the American Lung Association newsletter:

[The American Lung Association applauds the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee for its passage of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control ActH.R. 1108. We urge the full House to quickly take action to move this life-saving legislation forward so it can become law this year.]

I sure hope so!

I used to smoke. Then one day I quit. And I am still suffering the after-effects of that bad habit.

Cigarettes, one variation of the dreaded "Curse of the T", are disgusting and highly addictive. But you know that.

So do I and that's why I never should have started in the first place. I won't go near them now and I avoid second-hand smoke with a pointed glare.

I think that the FDA should re-name every single brand of cigarettes "EW." And put a grave marker with a Mister Yuck face on the package for emphasis.

In this age of teeth-whiteners and wrinkle-reducers, it's hard to understand why any woman would want to light up. But then, men do it and they all stink.

When young people "'moke dat cig'ret", they look stupid.

And when somebody blows smoke into a child's breathing space, I cringe.

Cigarettes are bad for everybody.

That's the truth.

Put down the excuses, people.

And pass the law.

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