Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You Can't Chew Out My Flavor!

[The image above is from a photo that I took of an old advertisement featured in a Country Kitchen restaurant in North Dakota. The "Baby Ruth" brand name is owned by the Curtiss Candy Company. The editing is all mine.]

Yeah, that's me, alright: Baby Ruth. Ha! At fifty-two years of age, I can hardly put myself in the category of a baby.

But I do like the photo because of the words underneath.

Yeah, you can chew me out...but you can't chew out my flavor.

I write my thoughts down here and they stay with you, don't they?


I'm just jokin'.

Sort of.


But isn't that the way that most people want to be...

...someone who impacts other people's lives?

That's why people draw, paint, write, photograph, video, broadcast, dance, act or otherwise advertise themselves: Because they want to stake their claim.

Existence...isn't it a perfect opportunity to leave a positive mark on the world?

Have a nice day, everybody.

I'm going to go chew some gum.

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Green Torrinhas said...

Have a nice week-end, Ruthie!

Today, the weather was beautiful, the sky blue and the sea just amazing!

Bye for now