Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, New England I

I am in Claremont, New Hampshire. And it has turned-out to be an awful experience.

Rather than update you on my initial trip across the Country, I am going to start with what's going on now and work my way back.

I am going to have to walk out of here tonight. And I will.

This town represents a general lack of motivation that I don't subscribe to. And while the so-called provider-system has let me down, they won't stop me.

I got a bus ticket from some kind folks in Wilkes-Barre, [south of Scranton] Pennsylvania. I originally planned to hitchhike into New England, but I was advised to take a bus across New York to Brattleboro, Vermont.

My intention was to spend the summer somewhere in New England.

I won't be able to do that.

When I reached Springfield, Massachusetts, I got off the bus. I decided to stay at the shelter there [I was informed by a fellow passenger that it exists] and then reach Brattleboro, Vermont the following day.

But when I walked down to the shelter, I changed my mind. What wasn't dirty in the shelter was nasty and that included the mind of every guy there.

After gazing at the mess, I was not surprised to hear that they didn't serve food there.

Instead, the motley crew there pointed to a soup kitchen up the street.

I ate a mock-rib sandwich that was formed from a mysterious substance that I never did identify.

Then, I walked into the nearby police station, used the restroom and chatted with the cops that were on break at the time.

They said that they didn't blame me for not wanting to stay at the shelter which, by that time, I had dubbed the "crap camp."

So, I took what was left of my ticket and returned to the bus station.

The station closed at 9:30pm and I settled on a nearby bench for a long night of waiting for the station to re-open again.

Twenty-minutes later, after everything got quiet, an angel appeared.

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