Friday, June 27, 2008

Ruthie In The Sky, Update

I climbed into the back seat, shaking off the rain like a wet dog, and smiled at the wide-eyed little boy.

"How did you get out here??" asked the woman, her eyes reflecting concern in the rear view mirror.

"I'm hitchhiking through, got left at a rest area, called 911 and got dumped here by a jerk off State Trooper," I explained.

"Oh wow," she said and drove me to an all-night convenience store/small truck stop in Colby, Kansas and dropped me off.

I walked in and told the guy behind the counter that I was a stranded hitchhiker.

"Not anymore you're not," he declared and gave me a grin.

The young man, who was bored stiff in the middle of his midnight shift, grabbed some towels and let me take a shower for free. Then he gave me some ibuprofen for my sunburn and let me sit in a booth in the back of the store. He brought me food and drink and told me to take a nap.

At the end of his shift, he called his wife, and she drove us both to the local hospital emergency room.

The staff there examined my burns and gave me some cream and bandaged the blister/burns on my upper arms. They used clear bandages that are used for burn patients. And they also gave me some antibiotics.

Then they let me eat lunch in the hospital cafeteria before putting me on a Greyhound bus to Denver, Colorado.

When I got to Denver, I walked down to the Samaritan House and asked the lady there to help me.

She issued me a voucher for the Volunteers Of America "motel." I got there and discovered that it used to be an actual motel that is now a shelter. But the trick is, that place is accessible by referral only. I lucked-out.

The women there took one look at my burns, checked me into a private room and told me to go to a Denver Hospital clinic the following day.

I did...and two doctors looked at my arms and pronounced me the unfortunate recipient of second-degree burns.

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