Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am going to roll the tape back to the beginning of my trip to New England. But before I do...HELLO! TO ALL OF YOU!! I am sorry that I didn't update my blog sooner...but I have been hard and heavy on the roads of the continental United States for the past month.

Today I am in a small town in Utah...banging away on this keyboard for all I'm worth. Yeehaw!

I will start with one of my first rides...where I was picked-up by an Italian (according to him) guy named "Frankie."

I usually don't get into a car like his (black, fastback with tinted windows) but something urged me to listen to his story. When he stopped beside me, he looked shell-shocked, heartbroken and on the verge of panic.

Frankie picked me up about twenty miles outside the city of Boise, Idaho.

One of the first sentences out of his mouth was: "I don't know you and so I feel that I can share my admission of guilt for doing a terrible thing." And then he went on to share a rambling story that didn't make total sense.

His words weren't wrong...he just danced around the bottom line and left out some major details. But I got the general idea of what Frankie did.

After listening to him for awhile, I told Frankie to humble himself before God and square things away with Him. Then I told him to "man-up" and turn himself in.

Frankie slammed his right fist on the steering wheel and declared, "I'm really sorry for what I did and I can't live with it."

I told him to follow my two directives and everything would settle itself in the right way.

Frankie dropped me off on a lonely overpass between Boise and Mountain Home, Idaho. He was sobbing.

I said, "We met for a reason ...now go do your duty to God and man...it's the only way that you'll save the most valuable part of yourself: your soul."

"Okay, Ruthie...okay, I'll do it," he said and I hope that he did.

Post Script:

There are those who believe that Frankie might have committed a murder shortly before he picked me up and that his initial intention was to take me as a hostage.

But the more that I advised him in a calm, confident voice...the more that Frankie began to hang his very existence on every word that I said.

In the end, Frankie turned his car back toward Boise and I walked down the opposite ramp with my shoulders safely wrapped in my guardian angels' wing.

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