Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

No more than five minutes after "Frankie" left, a big guy with big hands and a bigger smile, stopped and picked me up. He took me to his house in Mountain Home, Idaho and showed me his collection of hand-made dulcimers. I was amazed to realize that a man with such large hands could produce something so delicate.

Then he took a video of me (his other hobby) and burned a DVD copy of it and gave it to me. Unfortunately, the DVD contains flaws so I'm unable to post it here.

When his daughter returned from school, The Dulcimer Guy drove me from Mountain Home to a ramp that's located twelve miles south of Black Foot, Idaho. He took me past Pocatello! In other words, it was a very generous gesture on his part.

But when I turned away from his car, I looked down the ramp and saw the dark interstate.

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