Friday, June 20, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The couple introduced me to their daughter, who just graduated from college and showed me around their (very) nicely decorated home.

The next morning, I sipped coffee at a small table by their backyard garden. The backyard isn't really a conventional yard at all. The couple has worked very hard and spent a great deal of money to install fountains, waterfalls, flowers and bonsai trees EVERYWHERE behind their house.

It's a virtual organic fairyland back there!

When the woman went to pick up a girl (the daughter of a friend) I saw a totally different type of landscape.

Shacks, constructed of tar paper, tin and unpainted wood, huddled together like a carpenter's old mistake. And dust, from the alley, blew across random patches of faded yellow grass.

It was and IS a social tragedy...right there in front of 21st Century Selma, America.

From one of those unholy hovels, a thirteen-year-old girl appeared and quickly ran down the steps of the rickety front porch.

She waved as she approached the car, opened the door, and smiled as she slid into the
back seat.

"I drive her to school when her mother's workin'," explained the woman.

"How much does her mama make?" I wondered to myself.

And before we drove away from that symbol of the failure of civil rights, I got out and snapped three photos.

I will post those pictures soon.

And I'm not sure what pissed me off more: That pathetic neighborhood or the so-called "Christian" woman's blase attitude toward it all.

It was as if she truly believed that darkies should still "know their place" in Selma, Alabama.

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