Friday, June 20, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

When I reached Springfield, Massachusetts, I checked-out the local homeless shelter and decided not to stay there.

I didn't like the skanky people with their bad attitude. After one glance, it was obvious that they just wanted to rip me off after I cleaned up their mess.

So I walked back down to the Greyhound station and was told that it would close at ten o'clock that night. I wouldn't be able to catch another bus until morning.

So I waited until the bus station closed and then I went outside and sat on a nearby bench.

"Great," I thought "Now I'm going to be stuck out here all night. And the wind is beginning to turn cold."

After everyone rode away on another bus, a single young man remained behind.

He introduced himself as "Angel."

And he not only kept me company all night, but he also bought me hot coffee and donuts, too. And Angel bought me breakfast in the morning and made sure that I got on a bus to Vermont.

Then he disappeared.

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