Friday, June 27, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The next day, I headed for the Kansas border...with a great sense of relief and a terrible sunburn.

Huge blisters covered my upper arms. I was in pain and my skin was hot to the touch.

I knew that I had to get off the road and get some medical assistance.

And I did...but not easily.

My wild experience in Kansas wasn't over yet.

I got several rides and was eventually dropped off on a ramp by another small Kansas town.

A young man in a fuel truck stopped and offered me a ride.

I looked at the red fuel Haz Mat placards on the trailer tanks and knew that something wasn't right.

But I was tired, my sunburn was hurting and so I accepted the ride.

The guy, with a hick accent and covered with tattoos, drove me to a rest area and dropped me off.

"I gotta go dump this fuel and then I'll be back to pick ya up in a half-hour," explained the guy.

He never showed up.

And the State of Kansas doesn't allow hitchhiking on the interstate.

Night was coming, a new storm was brewing and I was trapped at the rest area.

"Oh shit," I thought and pulled out my cell phone.

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