Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The storm passed with a fury and when the atmosphere settled down, I walked back outside. I was standing there when a Park City cop pulled in his cruiser.

He was a fat, squat little man with the brain of a toilet tank flush ball.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, an idiot gave him a badge.

He asked for my ID. I handed it to him and he immediately reacted to my name.

"You gonna cause problems here?"

"And are you related?"

He was referring to my last name. A man named Dennis Rader was convicted in 2004 of killing men, women and children over a span of thirty-years. He was known as the serial killer "BTK" and lived in Park City, Kansas.

I rolled my eyes and didn't offer any information past what was necessary to that horse's ass.

He put me in the back of his car and drove me to the nearby town of Newton and dropped me off.

I stayed there, at the truck stop, for the rest of the night.

When dawn illuminated the puddles in the road, I walked back out to the ramp.

I stuck out my thumb...and didn't know that it would take a very unusual series of occurrences before I would sleep in a bed again.

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