Friday, June 27, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The sun was already baking a new record when I walked out of that little town the next morning.

I was almost to the interstate when a lady pulled over and offered me a ride.

"Ya look hot!" she exclaimed.

"I sure am," I agreed and climbed in.

"Well...let's go to Mickey D's and I'll buy ya lunch before I put on the road," she offered.

I got a bag of snack wraps (my favorite meal at McDonald's) and two bottles of diet Mt. Dew.

Then the lady drove me over to the on ramp and dropped me off with a toot and a wave.

I plopped my pack in the grass, sat down on it and ate my meal.

Then, I got up and hitched a ride out of there. And I had no idea then what a wild day I would have.

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