Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ruthie On The Road, Update

In Eastern Nebraska, I met a man that I will call The Destination Dude. He was a young man who was determined to drive his SUV almost non-stop to his home in Quincy, Massachusetts.

He was just starting his journey when he brought me on board.

He was okay when we reached Des Moines, Iowa and Chicago, too. And when we reached Toledo, Ohio, he just blew right through.

But when we reached Pennsylvania, he began to fall apart.

By the time we got to Clarion, PA, The Destination Dude started raving.

When we stopped for gas in Du Bois, PA, I made a break for it.

I found a State Trooper inside the convenience store and told him that The Destination Dude may be driving on a suspended license. I also told the cop that The Destination Dude was strung-out from lack of sleep and was starting to come unglued.

The State Trooper gave The Dude a citation and an escort to an unknown Destination.

The local cop gave me food, drink and a motel room.

Which just proves that one is usually better off to quit while one is ahead.

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